Spyderlab AML

Illuminate the shadowy woods of Blockchain and OSINT with a radiant beam of light.

Spyderlab Plarform

SpyderLab, a comprehensive Crypto Tracking and Compliance Platform accessible to all, is crafted by PDPL AML to address and counter cryptocurrency money laundering activities through its robust anti-money laundering tracking system and OSINT integration.

1K +

Address Entity

200M +

Address Label

100K +

Threat Intelligence

90M +

Risky Address

SpyderLab Service

Dedicated to resolving issues related to "coin location," "tracking associated addresses," "identifying hacker profiles," and "verification freeze," alongside OSINT.

Service Content

Analyze the transfer chain of the funding

Monitor associated addresses

Dynamic feedback when funding transferred to the exchange

Track analysis report

Assist the police to investigate and freeze

Malicious Address Library

The threat intelligence engine of SpyderLab gathers data from diverse sources, undergoes thorough cleansing and integration, leveraging artificial intelligence technology to extract precise information from vast datasets. Encompassing content from the dark web to numerous global exchanges, it identifies malicious wallet addresses, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, T RX, USDT, surpassing a total count of 100,000. With its extensive capabilities, SpyderLab's threat intelligence engine offers comprehensive support for tracking hacker attacks, coin laundering, and OSINT.

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Customer Cases

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Wallet APP

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Asset custody platform

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Investment Agency

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Our Services


  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Reverse Mail Lookup
  • Web Reconnaissance

Crypto Tracking

  • On-Chain Analysis
  • Off-Chain Analysis
  • Monitoring

Dark Web Intelligence

  • Onion Search
  • Search Dataleak TOR, I2P
  • Password Compliance Check