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Spyderlab sets itself apart from other search engines through its distinctive features and capabilities. Here's how it differentiates itself:

  • Selectors for Precise Search: Spyderlab's innovative selectors enable users to conduct highly specific searches using terms such as email addresses, domains, URLs, IPs, CIDRs, Bitcoin addresses, IPFS hashes, and more. This precision allows for targeted and accurate results.
  • Wide Range of Data Sources: Unlike traditional search engines, Spyderlab goes beyond the surface web. It scours the darknet, document sharing platforms, whois data, public data leaks, and various other sources to provide a comprehensive search experience.
  • Historical Data Archive: Similar to the Wayback Machine from archive.org, Spyderlab maintains a historical data archive of search results. This feature allows users to access and review past data, such as copies of websites, documents, and more preserving a valuable timeline of information.

With its advanced search capabilities, broad data sources, and historical data archive, Spyderlab empowers users to delve deeper, uncover valuable insights, and access information not readily available through conventional search engines.

Unlock the Power of Open Source Intelligence with Spyderlab

Spyderlab is your go-to tool for conducting comprehensive open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations. With our platform, you can effortlessly access the deepest corners of the internet and obtain fast, high-quality results with just a few clicks. Leveraging billions of selectors, Spyderlab swiftly searches through vast amounts of data in milliseconds. Plus, our data archive adds an extra layer of power to your investigations.

  • Unparalleled Access: Data collected from authenticated sources across the web.
  • Cybercriminal Activity: Monitor drug sales, blockchain transactions, human trafficking, and cyberweapons.
  • Comprehensive: Analyze historical data from a mammoth database.
  • Accessible: Build models based on data collected through dedicated APIs.

Experience the next level of OSINT capabilities with Spyderlab today!

Strong Commitment to Privacy: Your Data is Safe with Us

At Spyderlab, we prioritize your privacy above all else. We strictly adhere to the principle of minimal data storage, ensuring that we only retain the information necessary to deliver our exceptional services. Rest assured, all our servers are located within the EU, where they are subject to the robust privacy regulations mandated by the European Union. Trust in Spyderlab's unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and protecting your privacy.

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At Spyderlab, we provide a wide array of data for your search by scraping through multiple platforms. Continuously monitoring the internet allows us to provide you with answers within minutes. Our site provides information on various online frauds and cyber threats. Using threat map and the information, you can identify, prepare, and prevent attacks. With our chain analysis data, you can make better decisions.

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Our analysts gather publicly available data from the internet and analyze it to store high-quality intelligence information

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Our in-built APIs help you find all public data associated with a phone number.

Reverse Email ID Lookup

Our in-built APIs help you find all public data associated with an email id.

Chain Analysis

Track malicious blockchain transactions and prevent illegal activities with our chain analysis.

Web Reconnaissance

Obtain all relevant information about a targeted system, both passively and actively.

Cyber Attack Intelligence

Combat and mitigate cyber-attacks faster with our intelligence service.

OSINT Resources

Access a host of OSINT resources from the largest database of OSINT Tools and resources on the web.

Dark Web Intelligence

Curb online financial crime and cyber-terrorism with our Darkweb intelligence service.

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Spyderlab accesses verified and reliable data from trusted sources, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the information you rely on.

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